Q. Is Last-straw.org a FOR PROFIT or a NON PROFIT organisation?

A. First and foremost, we do not make any money selling straws. As prices of paper straws are far more than plastic it is hard enough to convince some venues to make the responsible change, without us adding a mark up. We aim to get the lowest price for the venues. It is also a question of ethics for us, as we don’t want to be seen as pushy sales types using guilt pressure to profit from the eco-angle.

Q. Can we have different colours and designs?

A. Whilst we are launching and getting the campaign going we want to stick to the one design for impact and also logistical reasons. Further down the road we will be able to look at customising.

Q. How can we help this initiative?

A. Firstly, by supporting venues that do not use plastic straws. Talk with your favourite venues and ask them to change to sustainable paper or other eco-friendly alternatives. If you see our straws around please take some pics and share on social media with a mention about @laststrawmovement. You could even take a #laststrawselfie. Lastly, but perhaps most simply, Say no to straws if you don’t need them.

Q. Some organisations are promoting the “Say No To Straws”, how come you are different?

A. Simple answer is that we are not, we want people to SAY NOT TO STRAWS. However we also realise that some drinks and some customers will use drinking straws. If that is the case then make sure they are made from paper or other eco-friendly material. This is why we are providing an alternative solution.

Q. Do the straws go soggy?

A. We have worked with various factories to get a product that we are happy with and have tested it for several months in one of our venues before launching. A straw in a drink will last for a good hour and remain firm and not go all mushy or collapse like paper straws of old. If you are a ‘chewer’ then yes they will start breaking apart, but in this case you should maybe consider asking a server for the menu.

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